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Our many years of expertise and experience in the processing of complex microelectronics and mechatronics is the basis of our Reman service, which we have developed for the automotive industry. Our clients include the leading manufacturers, Tier1 and insurance companies.

Fully integrated service model tailored to individual customer needs:

  1. Advanced Electronics Remanufacturing
  2. Global Footprint with Standardized Processes
  3. World Class Engineering and Test Development
  4. High velocity Forward and Reverse Logistics
  5. Dynamic Inventory Management
  6. Comprehensive Warranty Administration
  7. Innovative End of life Solutions
  8. Customizable Web-based IT Solutions

Automotive Electronics

CTDI has comprehensive expertise in the repair and refurbishment of electronics components for the automotive sector, the commercial vehicles sector, as well as construction and agricultural machinery. During the refurbishment process, the devices are restored to an as-new condition, i.e. according to a program developed together with the manufacturer, parts that are subject to wear and tear are either replaced (as a preventative measure), or, alternatively, if the parts are visible parts, they are treated cosmetically. Defective parts are replaced. If applicable, the units are updated to the latest software version and after that, they are subjected to a comprehensive end-of-line test and finally packaged.

If a unit needs to be repaired, it goes through an initial test, any defects are repaired, and visible parts are replaced if they no longer correspond to the boundary sample requirements. The end-of-line test in the repair process is just as comprehensive as the end-of-line test in the refurbishment process.

The product portfolio for the refurbishment and repair of automotive electronics currently comprises infotainment systems, instrument clusters as well as operating panels and control and comfort control devices.

Traffic Telematics and Connected Car

In traffic telematics, CTDI is currently active in the area of V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) and intends to extend its services to V2X (Vehicle to X).

CTDI supports customers active in the area of insurance and toll collection telematics in all processes concerning forward and reverse logistics, repair and refurbishment as well as the allocation of telematics devices to users.

The group of customers includes insurance companies, telematics service providers, and toll collection companies.


Our membership of the Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V. (ZVEI, the Central Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry) enables us to discuss new trends, to monitor current market developments, and to identify the challenges in the market.

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CTDI - Global Engineering, Repair & Logistics

We support our customers in planning, configuring, modernizing, maintaining and de-building their technology and networks. We also take over the distribution or the after-sales service for their products.

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