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CTDI is recognized as being an industry leader in delivering innovation to service.
Consistently we receive awards from our clients which underpin the collaborative innovation we have brought to the repair and refurbishment space.

You would like to know the benefits your company will gain from working with CTDI?

REV-2 Multi-unit Smart Tester for Mobile Devices

  • Fully parametric testing
  • Performs 22 functional tests
  • No testing subjectivity
  • Increased quality level
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Reduced head count
  • Automated process

HALO Pre-Diagnostic Testing

  • Full Pre-diagnostic unit testing including temperature, software revision, IMEI and health check
  • Comprehensive Battery Diagnostic: charge, discharge, cycle count, capacity, voltage
  • Dynamic routing based on CTDI and customer database

EVO-3 Cosmetic Grading with Robitics

  • High velocity system using line-scan cameras
  • Four cameras to analyze all sides of the unit under test
  • 2 conveyors and 4-axis robotic system for automatic grading
  • Grades are determined by type, location, quantity and size of defect
  • Grading specifications can be customized to customer requirements

ATS-1 In-Home Audio Smart Device Tester

  • Multi-unit test platform
  • Functional testing of in-home, streaming audio devices
Parametric test includes:
  • Power on
  • LED
  • Button/volume dial
  • Device information
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Speaker (6-8 speakers)
  • Microphone
  • Audio line in/out
  • Firmware update
  • Camera test (with IR LED)


  • CTDI’s CPI (Consumer Personal Information) Eraser makes sure that
    consumer data is securely erased on Android and iOS devices
  • Each station is able to erase data of 60 units simultaneously
  • Scalable stations give any throughput required
  • Supports Aperiodic Random overwrite and Factory Reset
  • Certification protocol of erase stored in CTDI database

REV-2 Pixel Test

  • CTDI patented test
  • Full parametric test
  • Used throughout reverse logistics operations and for end-of-line quality/final inspection
  • Custom app developed to control the backlight for analysis
  • HD cameras in test chambers for image capture
  • Custom image processing algorithm is utilized to identify dead/bad pixels

ACOUSTIC 1.0 Automated Headphone Test System

  • Parametric testing of ear speakers by analyzing audio quality
  • Fast, reliable and objective
Easy plug & test:
  • Amplitude/Volume
  • Frequency
  • Bluetooth

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