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Repair of Network Infrastructure

For more than 45 years, our engineers have been testing and repairing a broad range of electronic components and systems – from simple to complex. By consistently maintaining our customer and service focus, we have developed into the leading provider in the communications industry.

CTDI is able to provide in-house multi-vendor repair services for more than 75,000 different types of advanced electronics.

The basis for providing these services is that over 525 engineers develop and design all our test environments independently of the OEMs. CTDI tests are performed in a real network environment and provide full parametric testing to include all functionality respective to industry standards.


Components of our repair service

  • Test and analysis
  • Repair
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Swap and returns pick-up service
  • Inventory management
  • Supplier Management

Spare Parts Management


Carriers need a high-performance network that can process enormous volumes of data. That is why they are investing massively in the deployment and expansion of their networks. CTDI as well contributes every day to ensuring that this endless stream of data can flow smoothly. CTDI Europe manages more than 200,000 spare boards on behalf of the major carriers in Europe, and the inventories are constantly optimized.

There is hardly any field of logistics that is as complex as this one. CTDI Europe performs all services having to do with supplying spare boards to carriers — ranging from regional and central warehousing, repair services, inventory management, to transportation. 30 percent of the deliveries are time-sensitive, so they are dispatched to the on-site technical expert by express service via the regional depots structure within, for example, three hours.

Service components

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Central warehouses and regional depots
  • Forward and reverse logistics
  • Material requirements planning and inventory management
  • Test and repair
  • Multi-vendor management

Logistics & Fulfillment

On behalf of our customers, we perform the distribution of their products to the end customers. Our integrated fulfillment model comprises all areas of distribution, ranging from order management, qualified goods receiving, customer care, individual picking and packing, dispatch handling, returns processing to payment management and 100% reporting.


logistics transactions every year in millions worldwide


forward logistics transactions in millions worldwide


reverse logistics transactions in millions worldwide


warehouse space owned worldwide in m2

Alternative Procurement and Marketing Concepts

CTDI Europe has comprehensive repair experience and guarantees for excellent quality, also for the used equipment it sells. Communications services providers throughout Europe have benefited from this expertise for many years now, with CTDI Supply supporting them in the maintenance and expansion of their existing networks.
To this end, comprehensive stock inventories are required, which CTDI procures using its international network. This also includes end-of-life boards of various OEMs and technologies (wireline & wireless). In addition, CTDI provides comprehensive services for the marketing of obsolete and excess inventories. In the event of technological changes, these services allow the communications services providers to explore new ways of reducing their costs (asset recovery services).
Concerning their network infrastructures, our customers can achieve substantial cost savings through intelligent individual concepts as the prices of our equipment — test and warranty included — are significantly lower than the price charged by the OEMs for new equipment.

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Unsere Kunden unterstützen wir darin, ihre Technik und Netze zu planen, projektieren, modernisieren, instand zu halten und abzubauen. Außerdem übernehmen wir die Distribution oder den After-Sales Service für ihre Produkte.

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