Our Quality

The satisfaction of our customers is the starting point and the goal of our quality policy. This is the guiding principle we use to measure all our decisions and activities. The quality of the work of every individual and, as a total, the quality of our services, is one of the deciding factors in our customers’ success.

To measure our quality, we have implemented key performance indicators for our programs and we hold operative status meetings together with our customers, with the goal of continuously improving our processes.

Our Certifications

Sustainable Services

One of CTDI Europe’s core competencies is the repair and refurbishment of used electronic devices. With our expertise in this area, we make it possible to re-utilize these products, thus extending the useful life of our customers’ systems and enabling our customers to benefit from cost savings. In addition, using our repair and refurbishment services means that the energy required to manufacture new products and other resources are saved, and CO2 emissions are avoided.

We identify, monitor, and reduce potential negative effects of environmental aspects.  Environmental risks, which are part of our business, are identified, and measures are implemented to mitigate these risks.

CTDI has been certified by Samsung for sustainable action.


Responsibility - Quality and Environment

By actively involving all our employees in our measures to improve quality and to protect the environment, we promote the principle of quality and environmental awareness in our thoughts and actions. We are working on continuously improving quality and environmental protection in our company.

CTDI - Global Engineering, Repair & Logistics

We support our customers in planning, configuring, modernizing, maintaining and de-building their technology and networks. We also take over the distribution or the after-sales service for their products.

CTDI Europe

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